Life Between Coffees is the creation of Colton & Emily, a couple that loves coffee and is ready to share their life journey and experiences with you. They met during move in weekend of freshman year where they both attended undergrad, and the rest was history! They have been together for over eight years, but even now after getting married, they still try to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Baby S is expected November 2018, so be on the look out for more lifestyle posts!


Colton is currently working for an engineering firm as a graduate engineer and EIT. He’s a history buff and is down for visiting any museum, any day. He played baseball from the time he was a tot all the way through his senior year of college, and to keep up with that active lifestyle he enjoys running and working out. He loves waking up before the sun to get a (literal) running start on the day! Emily is currently working full-time in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field, but that is just the 8-5. She loves to spend her free time in the garden and kitchen, growing delectable organic vegetables and using them to whip up scrumptious bites. She is also an avid scrapbooker and paper-lover who prefers a handcrafted greeting card over a generic, store-bought one any day.

Things you should know about us

  • We love to go to the store and just pick up the necessities: crackers, cheese, and a bottle (or two) of wine.
  • Whenever we find ourselves in a new location, we research the coffee scene and stop off for a drink. We’ve tried A LOT of coffee shops.
  • We love to cook together, whether it be to throw together a quick meal or fabricate a culinary treasure. There is a bond to be made in the kitchen.
  • We consider ourselves foodies. We share a love of all things food — the coffee and wine are just an added bonus. 😉
  • We live in the ginormous state of Texas, but love venturing out to new places and getting glimpses into different ways of life.

We are a photography-based lifestyle blog willing to share our favorite recipes, where our travels take us, and general life stuff. Oh, and of course coffee! So hop onboard and join us on our next adventure!


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