Ivan’s 35th Birthday


My family lives all over the great state of Texas. With our hometown in San Antonio, my brothers and I have ventured out in different directions to start lives of our own. Colton and I have settled down in DFW and my two brothers have done the same in Houston. January 22nd is the day that my oldest brother, Ivan, will be turning 35. Growing up, my family was big on celebrating birthdays. Even if it was just dinner at home, my mom would let us pick what we wanted for dinner and dessert each time our turn came around. It was always special when we turned another year older, and all these years later it is no different. So with my brother’s birthday approaching, we planned to all meet up in Houston for a weekend to celebrate. Everyone was free this past weekend, and it was perfect!



We all drove in on Friday evening and just spent the night catching up and playing a few board games. (Who can pass up Yahtzee!?) It seems like all we do when the family gets together is eat — and that is just what we did. Saturday morning we woke up early and had a spread featuring waffles, fruit, homemade whip cream, bourbon syrup, mimosas, and bacon. Around lunch time we drove down to Pearland and waited in line at Killen’s BBQ. My brothers have raved about how it is the BEST, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! It was delicious and I would go back in a heartbeat! I had to control myself and take some home for leftovers because we had surprise dinner reservations at 7:30, and I didn’t want to be miserable all day.





After lunch, a few of us grabbed a coffee at Boomtown Coffee and went for a stroll along the Buffalo Bayou. It ended up being a little more than a stroll as we covered over 5 miles, but it helped digest all that yummy food we ate for lunch! After relaxing at home for a bit, we took Ivan to his surprise dinner at Peking Cuisine. We have eaten here together before, but Ivan has been wanting to go back and try the duck. It had to be ordered in advance and we had always eaten there on a whim, so this time we made sure to make reservations and pre-order the Peking duck! We all sat around a large round table and ordered a bunch of dishes to be eaten family-style. It was quite the experience! First they served the duck with thin pancakes, hoisin, and onions, followed by duck soup, and then all of the other entrées we ordered. As always, our favorite entrée was the sautéed lamb with cumin, which we devoured two plates of. After dinner we went back to Ivan & Marie’s house for dessert and more board games and family fun! Happy birthday, Ivan!




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