A Day at the Fair



Every year at the end of September, the State Fair of Texas opens up at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. It brings with it a festive atmosphere of food and fun overlooked by Big Tex himself, but it is guaranteed leave your arteries clogged for weeks. Vendors battle for their foods to be chosen for the Big Tex Choice Awards, with a few of this years most sought-after foods being Fried Jell-O, State Fair Cookie Fries, Deep Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider on a Stick, Injectable Great Balls of BBQ, and Southern Fried Chicken & Dumplins. In years past, they’ve even gone as far as Deep Fried Butter – it doesn’t get much greasier than that!

Colton and I knew which foods we were going to search out before we ever hit the fairgrounds – a Fletcher’s corny dog (of course!) and the Injectable Great Balls of BBQ. Both were on par and were well worth the extra calories! 😉 Actually – no body counts calories at the fair, it’s an automatic cheat day.




As we took our yearly stroll around the Cotton Bowl Stadium, we made all of our favorite stops:

The Budweiser Clydesdale Stable – The horsies are back at the fair for the first time since 2005! I always love when I get to see these beasts up close, they are so majestic.





Texas Lottery Booth – This one is a tradition for us! Every year we have gone to the fair together, we always go to this booth. When you spend $10 on scratch-offs, you get to spin their giant wheel which gets you more scratch-offs! There is even a chance to get in the money-blowing machine for a chance to get more scratch-offs. I actually went in it a few years ago – so fun! And best of all: the proceeds go towards education in Texas. It’s a win-win!

Truck Zone & Auto Show – We got to check out all the new 2017 cars and trucks, and we even got to see this cool Toyota prototype up close.





Wine Garden – Well, of course, we had to stop here! I did a few wine tastings while Colton grabbed a craft beer, and we met at a table under the oak trees to relax and people watch for a while. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the squirrels throwing their nuts at us just made it all the better. They didn’t know why there were so many people invading their garden all of a sudden…






Texas Parks and Wildlife Tent – We got to see snakes, shoot BB guns, and Colton even played around with the crabs.





Pig Races – What’s there not to like about watching a litter of piglets go wee, wee, wee all the way to the finish line? There was Britney Squeals, Hamma Montana, Christina Hogulara, and Justin Bieboar. And the winner got the most coveted prize: an Oreo!





See you next year, Big Tex!



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