What’s so Special About Coffee?



There is something about walking into a coffee shop, smelling the aroma, and ordering a perfectly hand-crafted cappuccino that awakens your senses and gives the whole day a better outlook. But it isn’t the coffee itself that causes this phenomenon, it is the experience of being able to share in and savor the product of such a labor-intensive process.

A single cup of coffee is so much more than going to your local roaster or the grocery store and buying a bag of beans. Each of the beans in the bag you purchase has a story of where it came from. Each of the beans took extensive love and care from a farmer back home in the coffee’s origin country. Each of the beans is that farmer’s livelihood and a means for their family to survive and prosper. Each of the beans came from a plant that had to be sowed, watered, nurtured, and harvested. Each of those harvested cherries are processed for days or even weeks, dried, and then milled. Now each of those green beans are ready to be cupped and exported out to purchasers. Those batches of green beans are now ready to be roasted, ground, and brewed or sold to consumers.

Every cup of coffee or shot of espresso is an extraordinary and special thing that took months and years of growth and love, but most consumers don’t stop and think about this process. Every time I pick up a cup of coffee and pour it over my taste buds, all of the flavors in the cup flood my senses and soothe my soul. All of the care that went into that single cup of coffee is somehow transferred through the liquid and into my body, uplifting and nurturing it. It is still a cup of coffee, but to me that cup of coffee is a source of life and love.

That life and love seems to be so much more intense when shared with a friend or loved one. It is a bond that you share in that moment; enjoying in the pleasures of all the hard work it took to create that single cup of coffee. Life goes on, but even in our fast-paced realities it is comforting to know that there will always be another cup of coffee to partake in.

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